DoryPhish (doryphish333) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Boring Eevee Wants

I've joined the craze :C I got my Pokecenter plushies from placetohide (thank you so much for doing the pick ups and for dealing with my nervousness about vaporeon X3 you don't realize how appreciative pick ups are) and I just got my Eevee tomy plush from poke_zula today! (Still expecting Espeon from dewott and Glaceon from wutastic can't wait!) But Eevee is just so georgeous with her Pokecenter counter part I now must have them all! D: Anyway I was looking for about $25 each for them, hopefully $22 for leafeon as it's not quite as popular. Also if you're open for trades my sales are here: and if you know anyone doing TOMY pick ups, please let me know! (I know the most recent ones were just PokeCen) thanks for looking!
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