Darcy Fremd (papaiyacoffee) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Darcy Fremd

Got an e-mail from Pokemon Daisuki Club today...

And there were two things that interested me! One thing is this new WakuWaku Battle card game pack.

I am not a huge TGC person, but I know a lot of us here are. It seems to feature some Gym Leaders as well!!

Next up, is this Pikachu party hat. I personally think it's ADORABLE. Anyone going to the Pokecen's to get this themselves? Seems pretty neat! :D

So, any of you excited or interested in this merch like I was? It's pretty neat. I always love the comics they add as well. :)

Thanks for looking! I'm waiting for a few more packages before I put an update up :) Later guys! 
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