ShoelaceKid (quackamajackers) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Delibird GA finally in!

Good news everyone! The delibird GA is here!
Sorry about the terrible pictures! My camera is out of batteries, so I used my webcam.

The spread sheet is here. Please send all payments to All payments include paypal fees, and $1 or $1.30 extra for envelopes. People with larger plush, or more plush, I have to get larger envelopes for, so thats the reason for the extra 30 cents.

 If you can't send payment right now, or would like to wait a bit, thats okay! Just tell me first! I know its the holidays and its been a while for this GA to come in, so if you can't pay right now I don't mind holding the plush for a bit at all. Just let me know whats up, and I'll be more than happy to work with you :D

Most plush are fine, but there is a bit of a stain on Staraptor and I have some pictures of the Pokedex case showing just how bad the damamage is.
Staraptor has a little yellow stain under his wing at the top. Its kinda crusty. You can't really see it when you look at him, but if you pull the top of the wing away its noticable.
The pokedex was described as damage, but I thought I'd show you just whats up with it. I was looking at it, and I was thinking that if you wanted to, you could pull the rest of the pastic thats falling apart off, and put a layer of some flexible plastic or fabric to replace it. It seems like the grey strip in the middle is seperate from the white plastic.

I'm sorry rhys107 for putting this up instead of you, but I just wanted to get this up asap. 
Tags: group auction
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