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So Near, Yet So Farfetch'd

Long time no see! So I've been away for a while but now I'm back again :] I come with a short post but an important one. My 151 figures collection is ALMOST complete!! I can't believe I only need two figures now! I'm so excited BD But finding two specific figures can be a hard job. So again I ask for this community's help. If anyone does have Squirtle or Togepi for sale or they know if someone else is selling these figures PLEASE let me know!! I would really appreciate your help<3 And to identificate these figures: about 2cm tall, a rectangular hole in the bottom and letter BP. Just in case, though I know majority knows these little figures :')

I'd also like to ask you about one thing... I started to watch those old episodes of the Pokemon series and I started right from the beginning. I've now watched about 50 episodes and one thing really bothers me. In the episode "So Near, Yet So Farfetch'd" there is this boy Keith and his comrade Farfetch who steal people's Pokemons. Well those two manage to get the pokeballs of Team Rocket and then Jessie shouts something like this: "There goes my Arbok and Lickitung!". Sooo.. Where/in which episode did she catch Lickitung?! D: It really confuses me so help me with this okay ;_____; Was it in some of those banned episodes or something..?

Thanks for reading and enjoy your weekend :>
Tags: squirtle, togepi
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