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New Espie get and FCS collection update

This week is a fabulous one from which I get both of my long-wanted plush. One is Serperior Pokedoll which also showed up in my last update post, and the other two is THIS! Finally an Espeon plush which is big enough so I will not kick her off my bed seriously because the previous canvas did that for so many times. And she is lined up with the Serpent & Dragon couple. At last I found a great camera angel which shot the arrogant smile by Serperior so well. O_O



A WILD ESPEON APPEARS! After I started the collection of FCS figures, this little beauty has been the #1 wanted on my list. I could not believe that I got her in such a big deal from a y!j seller, although they did not have Dratini and Altaria kids I wanted from them and cancelled my bid. Oh well, this is all what I want after all!


Espie is lined up with two legendary clear FCS for legendary birds double. I got them from a community member, and I am now hunting down Articuno from this series. I found two black bases for Battle Muserum figures because they did not stand steady by themselves.

The earliest Dragon family which I love most. The breath exhaled by Dragonite is actually the head of a Chinese Dragon. I am not sure if he is using Dragonbreath or Sleep Talk though. ;p

Air is another beauty among so many of her sisters. She looks even more extraordinary being pictured. After I obtained the clear Dratini and clear Dragonite, I had been imagining they made a clear Dragonair. And I am so lucky to locate her in the HUGE lot of FCS figures I won on y!j.

The earliest FCS figures I had with clear Dratini and clear Dragonite are the clear legendary birds trio. Articuno looks a bit creepy in this line though. I love the Moltres best from this line since she has a unique pose than the other two. :O

The attack FCS figures for legendary birds trio. Unfortunately I lost the part of Fire Spin on the back of Moltres. These are such small figures which could be easily missed if you do not pay attention to. Anyway, Zapdos is the most attractive one in this line. :/


Thanks for your reading.

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