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Another Sales Post!-Perler beads, marbles, and "Celebrity" Pokey Bear beanie. oh my!

Hey guys!

i am back with anothe Sales Post. i see there are a lot on the page right now, but like most, i am looking to get some extra Christmas spending money along with 2 big trips coming up next spring:) i did some massive garage cleaning over Thanksgiving week and found some stuff i hope you all like. please take a look. i have some straight sale items and some items up for auction.


First the important stuff:

*Granted Sales permission July or August 2008 (don't remember exact date since i have been here since 2008.....)
*I ship all items from the USA.
*Shipping; please leave your zip code and i will let you know how much shipping will be.
*I have 2 cats, but my items are stored where most dust and cat hair cannot get to them. i will check the items before they go out though. (but a cat hair or two may still be on the item. those things are tricky! just a warning to anyone who is allergic)
*I WILL hold items, just let me know for how long.
*My paypal address is doglover216[at]hotmail[dot]com. Please include your LJ name and purchase in the note.
*I ship on Saturdays. (i can be a slow shipper.....i don't drive, so it is up to my mom when we go. sometimes she gets held up at work, so i cannot most of the time go during the week. that is why i say Saturdays are my shipping day)
*Feel free to haggle, but i reserve the right to say no. but you can try;)
*I am NOT responsible if items are damaged or lost in the mail. You can pay extra for insurance, just let me know if you want it.
The auction ends 11:59 pm ARIZONA Time Friday 12/14/12 (all community auction rules apply!)

Onto the goodies!

Straight Sale items:

Perler bead madness!! every bead sprite pictures is only $2 each!

i know this picture is small, so if anyone has questions as to what is here, please feel free to ask.
From left to right starting with the top row:
-Pokemon XD Gamecube skin-$2
-Cute Pikachu tin/mini lunch box that opens(i put random mystery flat items in it. this made it a little heavier, but come on, you know you want to know what is in there! also there is a picture of the other side below the first picture)-$3
-Bayleef BK gameboy small piece(it came inside the old BK gameboy toys. close up picture with the pika tin close up)-$1
-2 Tomy figure pokeballs(they are empty). they close and stay closed.-$1 each
-3 flipz cards(Meowth/Persian, Gastly/Haunter/Gengar, and Ekans/Arbok)-$1 each
-4 Topps cards and a Kyogre card that came with the toy-$1 each


Pokemon Emergency! cards. old card game. didn't play it......all cards are $1 each


*Auction end time listed above*

close ups of everthing follow this picture except the cards. they are the Pokemon Emergency! cards. i can add a close up if asked. :)
Top card is Eevee-starts at $2
Middle card is Pikachu-starts at $2
Bottom card is Raichu-starts at $2

*Sealed* Pokemon Johto League Champtions tape. It has 3 episodes on it:
A Dairy Tale Ending
Beauty and the Breeder
A Goldenrod Opportunity
Starts at $3

old BK 23K Togepi "card". Came in a box within a pokeball and an authenticity card. :) in good shape. no box, pokeball, or card included.
Starts at $3

*Sealed* Pokemon Center Poliwhirl Handkerchief! it includes 2 bits of paper(not sure what they are for) in great shape!
Starts at $3

"Celebrity" Pokey Bear beanie. oh yeah. back when beanie babies where all the craze. this guy came out. course i had to have one. i think i ended up wtih my brother's too and he doesn't want it anymore. in really great shape! even a tag protector on it's tag and in a case! (case can be included, but it will up shipping cost).
Starts at $5

KFC Vupix-such a cute plush! in really great shape. has a tush tag, but no hangtag.
Starts at $5

old pokemon marbles! all in good shape. the regular non metallic looking ones all start at 50 cents each and the matalic looking ones(the last 3 in the picture) Start at 75 cents each.

NO BIDDING Please till all threads are up! Done! bid away:)

That's it! hope you found something you like. I am off to Target and will reply to comments when i get back.
Thanks everyone! have a great weekend!
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