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Small collection update - Glaceons galore!

Hello, my fellow collectors!

Today I would like to bring to you a small update. I received my Eevee Collection items about a week and a half ago and have had to do a lot of re-organisation in order to fit everything. 


Collection 8 Dec 2012 002
Here is everything! The new members to the family are, of course, the new Takara TOMY plush, the Pokémon Centre plush, mini Poké Doll, postcard, and the coaster/mat set. 

Here is a close-up of the mat artwork.
Collection 8 Dec 2012 010
When I first purchased this, I was a bit regretful for a while since I thought the colours wouldn't go well with the rest of my collection. However, as soon as I received it and saw it in person, I changed my mind completely and fell deeply in love with it. The art is simply so precious!

Collection 8 Dec 2012 009
Now all of my Terrakions are huddled in a corner from my recent ice-fox deluge... 

Collection 8 Dec 2012 008
Top shelf!

And, finally, here is an overview!
Collection 8 Dec 2012 007
I am extremely pleased with how everything looks! 

So, thank you for reading! Enjoy the rest of your day, everyone!
Tags: charmander, emolga, glaceon, keldeo, minccino, serperior, terrakion
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