vulpixlover (vulpixlover) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Re: Arizona Dave and Busters Meet Up-Today 12/08/12

Hey Guys!

Just a quick follow up on today's meet up. I will put it behind a cut since this only applies to a few of us:)


Today's meet up was nice, but i am so sorry we missed armaina . i got there late and so did vaporeonxlover. we both had no way of contacting the other person. lesson learned. we will swap phone numbers so we can text when late or if something happens.

armaina , i hope you still come to future meets. this was just an honest mistake. i feel so bad......

i think i will just start planning for the next meet up now. vaporeonxlover said she has never been to Gameworks. There is a Gameworks at Arizona Mills Mall(5000 South Arizona Mills Circle  Tempe, AZ 85283). what does everything think of having the next meet there? i was also thinking the day of Saturday 01/12/13. i think that should be enough after the holidays and enough before college starts.

also, here is what i got from Dave and Busters and It'Sugar candy store:)

The "Daily Mood" item was the item i got with my tickets. it is a flip book of different moods with their definitions on the back. a joke gift for my brother to use at work. (i think he will use it too!) :)

The oddly cute Christmas Tree was won in a claw machine. although this claw machine was different than most. the tree sat on a platform that opened slowly as you got a 1, 2, or 3 "clicks". i got a few 3's and won it. vaporeonxlover won a much cuter dog from the same machine.

The candy came from the It'Sugar candy store. never had been; neat but exspensive just like most candy stores. it was cool to do though; i had not done it in a long time! it was about $6 for the bit of candy you see above.....

Hope everyone has a nice weekend and the next meet up will be better organized!
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