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Collection Updates & Cards Question!

I finally got what I was waiting for today, so I can finally post an update! :D I got some really awesome deals this past month so all of those are under the cut!

First, my question about cards!


Does having this many cards make me a card collector? XD; I don't actively buy cards, I just somehow end up with them. I don't think I have anything particularly special, but my page of old holos is my favorite.


This is the only card I have that I'm aware is kind of valuable?

As far as I know, my first edition Clefairy is worth a bit. I wouldn't mind selling it if anyone wants it.

Anyway, here are some of my new plush!

I finally got a Dewott pokecen plush from Nintendo World! It's super soft! I've been eyeing these since they first came out!

A Mienfoo pokedoll! Normally I'm not a huge fan of pokedolls, but I really like this one! Probably because I can move his arms and tail and his "shirt/dress" thingie. xD

A Teddiursa doll! I've been looking for one of these for a good price forever! I'm now just missing the pleather Pichu from this set. I hope I'll find one someday.

and FINALLY! My talking Eevee! I've been waiting for this guy for well over a month!
I got him from hobby link japan for around $50 shipped! Waiting for them to restock was worth it! I saved a lot of money. He's very cute! But I do still like my HQ Eevee more. This guy is significantly smaller and much less soft in comparison. I've named him Spade(though he currently doesn't have his Spade on. I have to find my ribbon.)

Here's Spade with his bigger brother, Basil. Basil is incredibly soft, but unfortunately for him, my talking Minccino is still the reigning champion for the softest plush in my collection. Basil is a close second though!

I also was able to get this cute DX Pachirisu off Amazon! I've actually always wanted to collect Pachirisu, but all of his plush are so small. I really like this plush's size though!

Speaking of Pachirisu, I got this little cutie off ebay! I didn't think I'd be able to own one. I heard that they were pretty rare?

And lastly, I got a great deal on these two! I snagged them for only $10 on ebay! They're such cute figures. I want to collect Plusle and Minun too, but I hate how I can always find one and not the other! I only like these two as a pair. It bothers me to just have one.

Anyway, that's it for now! I'm looking forward to getting my new Patchwork plush and a new pokedoll for my next update(Plus whatever I get for Christmas!) Have a good night/day everyone!
Tags: cards, dewott, eevee, mienfoo, minun, pachirisu, plusle, teddiursa
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