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Amarok's end of the year pickups: 12/26

Hello, hello! Genesect goods are coming out next week, and that means I'm about to make myself really poor, so I'm doing one more pickup to finish up 2012! (also, I plan on catching up on leaving feedback this weekend.)



*I received sales approval from denkimouse in January 2011

*Items will be shipped via standard airmail unless EMS is requested. Tracking (4.50$) is mandatory on orders over 75$ and available to those who request it. Please tell me if you want EMS or tracking before I come back with totals, not after! Shipping costs will depend on the size/weight of the item(s) and what country you live in! I usually mail within a week of payment, up to 2 weeks after. NOTE that due to Japan basically shutting down entirely for the new year, it may take longer than usual to get your items mailed.

* Please do not edit your comments or make additions to the list of things you want. Take your time to decide first 100% what you'd like me to get, then comment!

*I cannot give shipping quotes before I have the items in hand, so if you absolutely need to know exactly how much shipping is going to be beforehand, perhaps another seller would be a better fit for you.

*Signing up is a commitment to buy and pay on time. It's your responsibility to look at the new post. It'll be linked to right in this post and titled/tagged clearly. I shouldn't have to remind you.

*clearfiles + plush are mortal enemies and cannot be shipped together in most cases. Ask if you think it's questionable.

How this will work:

Comment with what you'd like and what country you're in, adding your own total for items, and I add you to my list and let you know you've been added! You check out the list and if it's all OK, I go to the PC next week (Dec. 26th) and pick up your stuff. I'll then make a new post in the community with totals for everyone with shipping by the end of Friday (28th) Payment is due in 2012!! After I receive payment, I'll then mail your items and edit the post to indicate when your items have been mailed. You then get stuff in the mail!

What I'm picking up:

Photobucketgenesect goods: Photobucket

clearfile: 5$
3D spiral notebook: 9.50$
3D shitajiki (mat for writing) 8$
Metallic sticker: 7$
Handkerchief: 7$
Pokedex metal charm: 3.50$
Metal keyring: 11.50$
Strap: 9.50$
Plush: 28$
Pixel strap: 7$

Photobucketeevee goods: Photobucket

La Maison de eevee goods:
clearfile: 6$
B5 loose leaf binder: 11$
B5 loose leaf notebook: 7$
Letter set: 11.50$
Postcard set: 8.50$
Bookmark: 9.50$
Stamp set: 41$
Commuter passcard case: 23.50$
Card case: 23.50$
Handkerchief: 19$
plush pouch: 19$
pen with ears: 11$

general eevee goods:

mini-pokedolls: 11$
pokecen plush (vaporeons not likely to be in, so no requesting them): 22$
tomy plush: 24$
clearfiles: 6$
placemat/coaster sets: 19$
deck case: 8.50$
card sleeves (Glaceon/Leafeon/Eevee, Vap/Jolt/Flar/Eevee, Esp/Umb/Eevee): 8.50$

Photobucketrecent releases: Photobucket

Deco Rush decoration tape (pikachu, eevee, tepig/snivy/osha, pika/emolga/chillarmy): 8$
(pics here)Felt name holders (Pika, Chillarmy, Bulba): 9$
(pics here)Paper model kits (flying, water): 10$
type clearfiles (specify which you want! Some types have 2 designs): 5$
clearfile collection holder: 14$
Patchwork plush (pikachu, chillarmy, bulbasaur): 23$
Patchwork mascot plush (pikachu, chillarmy, bulbasaur): 14$
Poketime plush (gengar, growlithe, farfetchd, ponyta, dragonair): 23$

Photobucketgeneral goods: Photobucket

pokedolls 16.00
clearfiles 5.00
general straps 9.50
PWY pins 3.50
card sleeves: 8.50$

If you're interested in other recent releases, you can let me know and I'll give you a quote and can look for it for you, but that's not on the list here because I'm doubtful about what's left in stock.

PhotobucketSignups list: Photobucket

0. bellyofthewolf - poison type CF, genesect pokedex metal charm, charizard sprite charm
1. chatsy - La Maison goods: B5 loose leaf binder, notebook, card case, handkerchief
2. entirelycliched - Genesect CF, spiral notebook, shitajiki, metallic sticker, metal keyring, general strap, plush
3. toda - le Maison: letter set
4. firebomb - Glaceon: mini-pokedoll, pokecen plush, tomy plush, CF, placemat set
5. abbeymew - eevee stamp set, eevee mini pokedoll, flareon pokecen plush
6. tailglow - poketime growlithe, dragonair plush
7. bluehyaku - eevee pokecen plush
8. silverhawk33 - Genesect plush, CF, metal charm, pixel strap, psychic CF (unown) , le maison de CF, unown stickers x2
9. tortoises - la maison de eevee: CF, bookmark x2, plush pouch, check for chandelure TCG sleeves x3/chandelure deck box
10. markkuu - Dark type (scraggy), starter CFs
11. chaos_21 - eevee stamp set, charizard pixel charm
12. pantherotter - axew pokedoll
13. nagaineko - Umbreon/Jolteon/Flareon pokecen plush
14. kittycollector - Genesect plush
15. shadoweon -dark type CF, CF collection case, unown stickers
16. lapopearmadillo - new years decorations (l each kind)
17. irethsune - paper mobile kit flying
18. shinji_wolf - la maison de: card case
19. sugar0coated - Jolt/Umb/Esp placemat sets, pokedex genesect charm, dark/electric CF, la maison de: CF
20. derpncheez - genesect plush
21. blackheart_dove - espeon pokecen plush
22. aleyina - plush eevee pouch
23. tryndamere - genesect plush, gengar poketime plush
24. vaporeon99 - psychic/ghost/dark type CFs
25. mellow_candy - glaceon placemat set
26. poliwhirl - la maison de: CF x2
27. tsuiling - vaporeon/eevee mini mascot pokedolls
28. jadekitty777 - Electric/grass/rock/dragon/ground type CFs
29. elementparadise - Jolteon mini mascot pokedoll, Jolteon/Umbreon pokecen plush, Jolteon tomy plush, eeveelution deck case, eevee/1st gen eeveelutions card sleeves, Jolteon PWY pin
30. hebilea - paper mobile water type, R/G TCG sleeves, R/G deck case, R/G card box (long), 1 each water type CF (manta pkmn)
31. yellowmudkip - poison type CF
32. clair2522 - Poison/rock/dark/normal type CFs

 ∧_∧ ! ! !
⊂((  ))⊃   present!
(〇 〇)

List will be cut off when it reaches a point of what one small man can feasibly carry, haha.
Thank you for looking!
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