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wintry sales!

A little sales post for you all! Selling a bootie Breloom plush and Lilligant and Chikorita keychain plush.

Rules & Guidelines

  • I was granted sales permission on 8/8/2012 by allinia. My feedback is here.

  • All PKMNCollectors community rules apply.

  • I ship from North America. I ship out the day after payment is sent.

  • My home is smoke-free and pet-friendy. Cats are generally kept far away from any items, but please take care if you have allergies.

  • Haggling (reasonably) is welcome! Please take note of the shipping costs.

  • Payments via Paypal in USD.

  • I am currently not shipping internationally.

  • No trades.

  • No holds.

  • Though I do my best to protect the items and packages, I am not responsible for any damages caused by the postal service. Please ask if you want any additional shipping measures to be added (insurance, delivery confirmation, etc).

  • Despite this, please let me know if there are any issues shipping and packing-wise, or also just if your things arrived safely!

The Sales!

Bootleg Breloom Plush — $10 SOLD!

  • Just a disclaimer that this plush is not official merchandise! Feel free to ask questions if you have concerns, but know that it is a bootleg, so the quality won't be up to the level of legitimate merch.

  • About 12 inches tall. It's pretty soft, and seems to be minky fabric. It doesn't faceplant, but it doesn't stand up on its own, and its neck sometimes doesn't support its head too well. Its "hat" isn't attached to the rest of its head, so it can flop upwards and look pretty silly; it isn't hard to keep it sitting down, though. There are two loose threads that I noticed - one in the neck and one in one of the "seeds" on its hat. In a few places, stitches were made in a differently-colored thread to the fabric; for example, on the claws, a green thread is used to stitch the top of the claws together, as opposed to a matching red thread. There is a tag, though it's a bootleg, so the tag's fake anyway. It's completely minty and clean, and has only been kept in storage since I got it earlier this month. tl;dr: I don't want to sing the praises of bootlegs too much, but in spite of the few small flaws, it's a decently-made plush. If you like Breloom and relatively big plush, you might like him! :)

  • Since the plush is fairly large and heavy, it needs to be shipped in a box. It weighs 13 oz. total, though, so it's still being shipped USPS First Class. Shipping and fees will be around $4.

Lilligant Type Focus Plush — $12 SOLD!

  • Mint with all tags. She can stand up on her own with a little fiddling of her feet and such. :) About 4 or 5 inches tall.

  • Will be shipped inside two poly mailers (these things!), one inside the other. Shipping and fees will be around $2 for USPS First Class.

Chikorita Keychain Plush — $3

  • Mint with all tags. It's a keychain plush made by Banpresto in 2012; not sure what plush it is specifically. Stands up fine on its own. About 3 inches tall.

  • Will be shipped inside two poly mailers (these things!), one inside the other. Shipping and fees will be around $2 for USPS First Class.

Reminder: I am not shipping internationally at this time. Thank you!

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