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I gotz mail

Today I got a lovely package from yaoi-queen. So its time for the Pokeyman collection udate.
Just click underneath the MSpaint drawing I did in 5 minutes

So here's my collection all together. For the record the big crappy looking plush in the background is of a fake pre-evolution of lickitung called lil'lick.

A close-up of the figures, the kid and the zukans come from yaoi queen, the somwhat difformed lickitung was a clay figure I made and the lickilicky keychain was a trade I received from a member at deviantart.

Now for the cards, all these are from yaoi-queen. I already owned the jungle set one but didn't take a picture of it here xP. Also I got the dragon frontier one which I didn't know I was going to get (furtherly screwing me in another trade for my shiny charizard card :x). Also she sent me this neat glow in the dark hard plastic thing. I've never seen it anywhere before so I'll consider it my "holy grail" for now xD.

Anyway to finish I decided to make a wishlist card sub gallery at photobucket seen here for all the TCG card I think I'm missing. Also you'll notice I only put the japanese southern island lickitung HOWEVER I'm looking for either the japanese and/or english so either would do(same goes for the other cards in english). I may also add items I find of lickitung I want to the wishlist so you know what items I'm looking for. also another sub gallery in the same photobucket account(trade and sale Pokemon items) contains items I'm willing to sale or trade. I'll update it later because some of the stuff is gone and I have a few new things.

sorry for the long journal xP

EDIT: saw this at ebay and couldn't stop laughing at the description APPARENTLY LICKILICKY IS ONE OF THE MOST POPULAR CHARACTERS IN D/P WITH CAPLOCK!!!
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