Snowshoe (snowshoe11) wrote in pkmncollectors,

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Ive been a fan of pokemon eversince I was very little. I have a few old US released figures and some of the new Diamond and pearl plushies. I stummbled accrossed this community a few months ago and have been watching it for awhile. After viewing everyones collections I decided I wannted to start a collection I was debating for awhile on which pokemon to collect Mew has been my favorite pokemon ever since the fist movie was realesed so I thought I would collect her. Then Shaymins sky form came out and I fell in love XD. So yes welcome yet another Skymin collector to the community. I have a Skymin Pokedoll, Charm, and Notepad in the mail right now and I hope they arive safe and sound. My family and I were going to go see Wall-e tommorow night but I told them we couldnt because I have to wait for sunyshore to update so I can get the friends plush

I also have done some skymin fanart 

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