Rena Chan (eternal_rena) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Rena Chan

Eevee Ippai Collection!!!

Posting this on behalf of killmeneko cause she's too busy sorting out the stuff from her pick ups :D These photos are taken by her and not me, please do not use without permission :o

The Gacha machine :D

Close up of the Gacha machine? :o

Eevee is just lying there absorbing the sunlight...
The killmeneko caption! "I know you guys love when I sit.... So here I am. Half sitting half laying."

Vaporeon is happy...about something I guess?
The killmeneko caption! "Not a sadist, I swear! Just happy"

Jolteon is all smiles!
The killmeneko caption! "Since most of my plush are Emo or angry, I decided to look RIDICULOUSLY happy this time!"

Flareon is getting ready to charge!!!
The killmeneko caption! "How you trynna mess wit me?!"

Espeon looks so content just sleeping there...
The killmeneko caption! "I'm just taking a nap until Umbreon gets home from work."

Umbreon is staring right into your soul...
The killmeneko caption! "What has been seen cannot be unseen!!!!"

Leafeon is looking something?
The killmeneko caption! "I'm smiling but you can't see it. Bad photographer, I guess. But aren't I LEAFY?!"

Glaceon is just lying there doing nothing...
The killmeneko caption! "It's been suggested in the least popular Vee, so why the hell should I get up for a photo?"

The original gang, the ones that started it all!

And as more and more regions were discovered, so did more of them!

All together now!

These figures all look simply amazing! I'm not regretting getting the entire set now :D

Tags: eevee, espeon, figures, flareon, glaceon, jolteon, leafeon, umbreon, vaporeon
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