RocketHaruka (rocketharuka) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Little uptade and question


I received two packages today, from nefhithiel the adorable Plusle bottle cap, and from kefanii the Lucario pan sticker. Thank you!!!!! =D

(Click for full view)
The Meowth card is extra of Nefhithiel and the adorable Torchic draw too!. Gracias amiga! <3 I love caaaaats~

Now, I´ve a question (it´s more a request), if anyone can help me...

This weekend Gin will begin to sell the Pokemon minifriends, but on Friday and Saturday I´ll couldn´t connect so often (specially on Saturday) and I´m afraid for I couldn´t get my two Shaymins D: so... can anyone buy them for me? It only will be the sky form and normal shaymin... and of course I´ll pay his/her when I come back, I only want somebody to get them because I don´t want to lose them (my boyfriend can´t help me, and none of my friends!).

If anyone can I´ll be very grateful, if else... I´ll try to be connected these days and buy them, and else... I´ll get them another time!.

Thanks in advance^^.
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