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This post is exciting :D

A computer disaster and busy work schedule has kept me from keeping up with my collection updates, but luckily I found some time today to catch up on things. :D There's some good stuff in this post, so be sure to take a peek!

I received these beauties from Gin a while back, and they're all amazing.

And not too long after, Gin sent these my way as well. >_>

scarsofsunlight sent me a lovely care package, including this awesome Chimecho figure!

featherclaw sent these to me, which is awesome. I have no idea what they're for, but hey - Numel and Chimecho! I couldn't resist.

I purchased these from privatelyricist a while back. I love Groudon plushies! *_*

eBay purchases ahoy!

More eBay stuff! I was inspired to get some Wailord plushies to accompany the Wailord zukan I've purchased for my collection.

These cards are so cute, omg. ;3;

Other small items, including a Numel coin.

A Shinx kid from aftertheheaven, a Jirachi mini cot figure obtained with the help of warandromance, and my precious Roserade blok from Gin!

A Blaziken Pokedoll from eBay, and meowthcollector was kind enough to help me obtain the Chimecho Throw Poke Ball toy. The Darkrai candy dispenser is from taycs. ^_^

And that's it! I'll have more exciting updates over the next few weeks, hopefully. :D

In the meantime, I updated my sales post a couple of days ago. I was out of town at the time which is why I didn't post it sooner, but feel free to take a look. New and sale items have been marked accordingly. As always, it is extremely image heavy. >_>

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