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New member alert - woopwoop!

Hey, all.  I joined a few weeks ago after months of reading this community.
I just love Pokemon in all forms...except maybe for cards.  ^^;  My current collection is a ragtag one at best, made up of all sorts of Pokemon.  Although There's an extra Jigglypuff somewhere I'm missing.  Hmm.  The collection spans the entire top of a computer desk, crowded with plush and figures!  Some of my favorite items are my large Dialga figure, soft Mudkip plush, and my tiny Jigglypuff zipper pull.  :D

I don't have a collection dedicated to any one Poke in particular, but that's only because I'm pretty sure I have the only merch of my favorite pokemon: Shuckle.  Just the Tomy figure, which I guard jealously!

I've searched long and hard, but I just can't find anything else Shuckle!  If anybody knows of any others, I'm dying to see it!
Happy collecting, guys!  I hope I can snap some pics of my group soon.
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