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I'm yet another newbie here.

Browsing here has been very interesting, I love seeing everyone's collections and the huge variety of what everyone likes. I haven't even heard of bell plush until looking here o.o (and they look awesome I'll definitely look into those some time)

I've been into Pokemon since it first started in the US.
I don't particularly have a "shrine" of any one particular Pokemon (yet >.>), I just kind of try for a nice variety of everything. I mainly collect Kids and plush.
My stuff is pretty unorganized, and not everything is on display (all of my pre-Hoenn stuff is in storage), but here's some pictures of what is actually out under the cut:

I get my Pokemon Kids from a Japanese import toy store somewhat near where I live. Forgive the half-painted Chiisume, it's just something I made out of clay but lost my fine-tip paint brush in the middle of painting it.

Here's some plush, my favorite of all of these is the little Spinda I found on ebay a few years ago. It has buttons on its feet and button holes on its arms so it can kind of hold onto stuff. I never really got why Spinda's quirk is how each one has different face spots, but the spot configuration seems the same on each different Spinda product...
The Hoenn starters have Naruto headbands because I had nowhere else to really put them >.>

Hopefully I'll organize/find more of my Pokemon so it doesn't look like they're just thrown everywhere.
I'm not ready to get into buying/trading/selling yet, but I want to start looking into how to buy stuff off Yahoo Japan Auctions when I save up more money.
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