Ashley (elementparadise) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Seeking Cradily + some others!

Cradily is one of my favourite Pokemon, but sadly I've been very unlucky with finding merch of it. Not that there's much to find, hehe. So I'm asking all of you to help me find the little bugger and it's pre-evolved form, Lileep!

Also, here's a few others that are topping my wants list:
- Sableye plushes
- Giratina Origin Forme pokedoll
- Jolteon Tomy/PokeCen plushes
- Vaporeon/Glaceon/Espeon pokedolls
- Raikou pokedoll
- Tropius UFO
- Torterra DX Banpresto/Tomy/Cube plushes
- Torterra Zukan
- Giratina Zukan
- Purrloin Canvas/PokeCen/UFO/Ballchain/MPC plushes
- Purrloin Strap
- Purrloin/Liepard Dot Sprite charm
- Liepard kid
- Crustle UFO/MPC plushes
- Omastar/Kabutops/Quagsire zukans
- Many Eevee figures (all)
- Quagire sleepy plush
- Swoobat MPC

You can follow this link to see my full wants list! I'm always willing to trade so if there's anything you might want from my sales let me know, or just show me to your own wants list since I have a few things that are not currently up there.
Tags: cradily, crustle, espeon, flareon, giratina, glaceon, jolteon, kabutops, leafeon, liepard, omastar, purrloin, quagsire, raikou, sableye, swoobat, torterra, tropius, umbreon, vaporeon, wanted
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