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Soiledpoetry's New year's eve auctions and straight sales!!!

Hey there everybody, Happy advance new year's!
Considering how smooth my first ever auction went last week, i decided to start another one :)
i've also updated my permanent sales post located here

up for auctions today are:
A MWT Noctowl Pokedoll (American version)
Banpresto Cresselia plush (comes with both tags but hang tag is detached)
Tepig Pokemon Figure Mascot Stamper BW (pictures under the cut)
Oshawott Pokemon Figure Mascot Stamper BW (pictures under the cut)
Pokemon Centre Japan Iphone 4/4S Case featuring the first 4 gen' starter pokemons!!!
Here's a picture of it. (cute isn't it?!)

Sales permission granted by Rachelled on 6th October 2012
I ship from Sunny Singapore and can/will ship internationally, shipping prices, however, varies from zones so if you win something,
update me with your location so i can give you a total!

No one here smokes but i do have a poodle. All items have been kept in resealable bags/dust bags since i got them.
i have pretty easy access to a post office so i will ship within one or two working days no problem.
Paypal only please!
i will not responsible for any lost packages. if you would like some security, ask for tracking please :)

here's the link to my permanent sales post (you can combine purchases from my auctions and permanent sales post no problem)

and here's the link to my feedback page

lastly, here's a link to the ountdown timer

Annnddddd, here goes!
Pokemon Centre Japan Iphone 4/4S Case. (sealed in plastic case and it will only fit an iphone 4 or iphone 4S)
or you could keep it as a memento! 
offers start at $35

Here are pictures of the other items:
MWT Noctowl Pokedoll
Offers start at $50

Cresselia Banpresto Plush with Detached hang tag
offers start at $30

Pokemon Figure Mascot Stamp BW Pikachu Snivy Tepig Oshawott Munna Minccino TTA.jpg (1)
Pokemon Figure Mascot Stamper BW (Only Tepig and Oshawott are available)
offers for each stamper start at $6

thanks for looking guys! 
and don't forget to check out my permanent sales post here for plush sales and TCG flats http://
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