baron von kellogs (kefanii) wrote in pkmncollectors,
baron von kellogs

ANOTHER group auction! plushies this time, baby

Wheeee, I'm doing another group auction. You see, this is important! It has one of my grail items in it. :> I could not stand to let it go.

In the status of the other group auctions, they're mostly paid for and I'm waiting for CS to catch up with me. Still probably 2 weeks until I'll have the glasses and charms.

Available plush:
- Horsea friends plush
- Cleffa reversible pokeball mascot
- Pichu reversible pokeball mascot or something, man, it's kinda misshapen.
- Grovyle McDonald's shooter

- Bulbasaur friends plush
- Mareep reversible pokeball mascot
- Sandshrew reversible pokeball mascot
- Hoppip reversible pokeball mascot... I think?
- Squirtle reversible pokeball mascot possibly or maybe not... mysterious!
- Dratini friends plush
- Wooper reversible pokeball mascot

WARNING: THESE PLUSH ARE LOOOOOVED, and it warns about it in the auction! That means, a kid has probably played with them! Tears, scuffs, stains, and dulled fur are probably inevitable. Most of them probably don't have tags!

But they are also cheap, cheap, cheap!

First come first serve! No payment now, I'll ask that once the auction is finished in 3 days and I can calculate what to charge. As of now, each plush will probably be around 5 dollars, and Grovyle is up for debate on price, if anybody wants him. :p

And if anybody wants me to clean their plush once I get it, I'd be open to it.
Tags: bulbasaur, cleffa, dratini, group auction, grovyle, hoppip, horsea, mareep, pichu, sandshrew, squirtle, wooper
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