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Including the famous Sailord and Wailord Pokedoll!
Please come take a look <3

Amandajo567 Sales
-Grants sales permission on 12/4/11 by Dakajojo <3
- Current feedback can be found here :
-Paypal only. I apologize for any inconvenience.
- You are free to haggle with me as alot of these prices are guessed, even though I try and research them all.
I have the right to decline though.
-Shipping is from KY USA ; I ship worldwide
- When asking for a quote please leave your location!
- I wait until at least 24 hours have past before moving to the next person in line for an item.
- Holds can be asked for!
- Please PLEASE be clear if you are committing right away or asking for quotes!
- Please dont back out after committing ;; Im not afraid to leave negative feedback.
- I ship whenever I can, maybe get to the post office once a week or so. However I do live on a one lane road and
winter conditions can always come in randomly and change that.
-For USA purchases I ALWAYS add in tracking prices. This is a personal preference so that I always have proof I shipped an item.
You can request me not to though.
- Please pay within 24 hours unless discussed otherwise~!
- Please send payment with your Name in the title, items bought in subject.
-Currently not taking any trades.



Wailord aka Sailord UFO plush!
Great condition, tush tag intact.
Offers start at $50

Wailord Pokedoll

Wailord Pokedoll!
Also in great condition, has only been on display. Has only his tush tag.
Hesitant about letting this one go! XD
Offers start at $60

OFFERS END ON 1/3/2013 at midnight EST.
Here is a countdown timer :
In the event of a offer war; the time limit will automatically be extended five more minutes! This will go on until five minutes has passed with no offers. :D


Lickilicky and Piplup Pokedoll! Japanese and minky. Both just have tush tags.
$18 each

Branpresto UFO plush!
Small Snivy $5
Celebi $7
Two in the back $10

Holiday UFO plush! $12 each

$4 each

 All $13 each.
Growlithe and Snorlax and ebay booties.

Please give me a moment to put up offer threads and get back to any quotes! Live journal is being insanely slow today for me D:
Tags: celebi, deerling, growlithe, lickilicky, pansage, pikachu, piplup, psyduck, purrloin, sales, snivy, snorlax, wailord
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