IDK my BFF Jill? (badgerr_ftw) wrote in pkmncollectors,
IDK my BFF Jill?

Hooray Chars!

I just won this lot on eBay. I was textbidding and eBay only allows you 10 texts before they cut you off from knowing about the auction, and I was positive I had lost it. D: But nope!

I am only interested in the Charizard UFO plush and I am curious if anyone is interested in anything else. Annnnd it turns out that all of the rest of these Chars (except Charmeleon who will be auctioned) are going to scarsofsunlight! Those figures are definitely bootlegs though. D: I can tell by the coloring.

Yay I am excited. <3 That Charizard was a grail of mine and that meeeeans I have ontianed three grails in two months. Yay!

Edit: Anyone who has purchased from my shop, your orders have been sent out. Sorry for the delay!
Tags: charizard, charmander, charmeleon, plush
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