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mew and leafeon - a pancake photostory

Good afternoon pkmncollectors! Today was my first day of college, so I got up bright and early. And what better way to start off the day than with Pokedolls and pancakes! (Note - I was going to give the recipe, but my plushies and I found it online and it was utterly disgusting. I don't recommend it.)

We got up at about 4 AM in Florida, and we looked on allrecipes for a good pancake recipe that the three of us could enjoy before the big day.


First, we got out the ingredients. I don't drink milk so we substituted for soy milk! That may have been a problem....


Then, we sifted together the dry ingredients into a mixing bowl! When I first made pancakes I forgot to add the baking powder....


Then of course we added the wet ingredients! Leafy and Mew were scared to fall in. Remember to use a whisk to mix the egg!


FIRST PANCAKE TIME!!! Usually the first pancake is the worst, so give it to someone who isn't picky. My babies are very choosy about their noms so I took it. XP


Now for the flipping! Thankfully pancakes are more sturdy than an uncooked grilled cheese or we'd never be able to cook our favorite breakfast!


DONE!! Finally! There was a huge mess in the kitchen afterwards but with my help Bow the Mew and Lucy the Leafeon were able to get everything clean. ^^ Now we have a stack of pancakes to enjoy~


Also, I noticed Leafeon looked a little like a bootleg in these shots, but I assure you she's legit. Here's a picture to show that her chest leaf is in the right place:


That is all for now! I'm going to do a huge collection video! soon, I just need to wait until a few things arrive. Thank you for reading this little photostory! This was my first attempt and I hope to do it again in the future~
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