frugrow (frugrow) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Movie 11 plush update + Buizel, manaphy, mantine zukan auction

I received a package today from a seller on Ebay and it's the last two plush to complete my Movie 11 plush set!

The Gang!

Also,  I have an extra set of the Buizel, Manaphy, Mantine zukan.  Once assembled, they connect to form one beautiful diorama!!

Pics from zukan ranger..

I really don't want to seperate them because they seriously belong together and I'd rather ship them in one package to save on shipping. 

Anyways, auction info..

Starting bid = $20

Highest bidder = $25 -Rukarioh

Buy it now = $45

Auction ends Wednesday midnight Pacific Time.

Paypal Only. I will ship Worldwide.  Shipping starts at $7 and may vary depending on where you live.  Shipping is from Canada so that's why it's a bit high. I will REFUND every cent back to you if shipping is less than the amount I stated.
Tags: buizel, floatzel, giratina, manaphy, mantine, mantyke, plush, regigigas, sales, shaymin, zukan
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