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Base, Jungle, and Fossil Language Release Questions + Wants

Hi, Everyone! ^^

For awhile, I've been collecting non-English/Japanese cards when I could find them. A couple months ago, I noticed that I had some cards in quite a few languages, so I decided to focus on collecting them. As far as I could tell, there were 9 languages. Thanks to this community, I recently complete my Base Set Vulpix collection. :D


First Row - English, Japanese, Korean
Second Row - Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch
Third Row - Italian, French, German

Vulpix Closeup 1
Vulpix Closeup 2
Vulpix Closeup 3

At least...I thought I had collected them all. I recently decided to collect ALL Base, Jungle, and Fossil cards in all languages. So I went through my cards and gathered up all the ones I had...even the Pokemon I hadn't focused on before. And...I found two random Chinese Base Set cards. oO"

Chinese? DiglettChinese? Machop

Does anyone know if Base Set was released in Chinese? I'm not sure where I got these cards...I imagine from someone in the community at some point. If they're real, I guess I have another language to look out for.

I'm also wondering, does anyone know what languages Jungle and Fossil were released in? I know that Jungle was released in English, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, French, and German. But was it released in Korean? (Or Chinese...?) As for Fossil, I only recently started focusing on collecting those so I only have cards in English, Japanese, German, and...maybe Spanish (I forget). If anyone card confirm the set was released in another language, that would be great. ^^

And...some more photos because I thought people might enjoy seeing Meowth and Eevee. :D



If anyone has any non-English Base, Jungle, or Fossil cards for trade (or possibly for sale), I would LOVE to see. ^^ I'm also interested in any non-English Houndoom/Houndour, Eeveelution, and other canine/feline Pokemon lines even if they're not from those sets. I would love to see photos of any non-English/Japanese Houndoom/Houndour cards even if they're not for trade/sale.

Thanks for reading,
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