Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg (pheonixxfoxx) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg

I'm not dead yet...

Hello everyone, wow long time no post! Seems the last time I posted here was back in September. Shame on me, though I do have a reason. I actually took a hiatus from the community for a bit, but now I am back...:3

Today, I am just making a quick post to advertise the 3 Pokemon filled lots I have up on eBay.

eBay 3

Before anyone asks if I have sales permission, yes I do! I have been a community member for over 5 years (6 years this coming August) and was there for grandfathered in. Here is the link to my eBay auctions:

Foxx's eBay Auctions

I was going to do a collection update with this post, just because I was on a hiatus didn't mean I stopped collecting, but I forgot to take pictures of some of my new Purple Kitteh things. Though, I will leave you with some pics of my new Snivy plush from pogaf:

Snivy & Sput - 2

Nothing that comes through this door is rightfully part of my collection, until it has been photographed with one of my scaly kids! XD

Snivy & Sput - 3

Good thing we have eyelids, otherwise we might just have to do what Sputnik is doing in the pic...XD

That is it for now...;)

Tags: auction, collection, snivy
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