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Some new gets since Christmas!

Hey Pokemon collectors~ It's Tus. Been a while since I've been around. I haven't been working on my collections much lately cause money is tight for me for all sorts of reasons and I don't wanna tempt myself, but I do love this community. I'm kinda sad I missed out on the friending meme wah. Oh well.

Anyway, some friends of mine got me some cool stuff for Christmas and I wanna show it off! I wish I could put it all with my collection (mainly all my Joltik and Mewtwo stuff) but the majority of it is still at my former roommates place and I'm yet to retrieve it.

The crochet Joltik I got midway in the year from someone on Deviant art~ I named her Charlotte. The litle pixel blocks though were Christmas gifts from a friend C:

A Joltik necklace I made out of sculpey clay~ This pic is kind of old, I've changed the chain to a much nicer one but yeah. Love wearing my Joltik around my neck

All of these lovelies are from DISNEY WORLD I have a friend who worked there this year and got these for me and sent them to me for Christmas :D I named them, Maximus the Pignite, Bubbles the Lugia, Butterball the Ho-oh, and Snark the Sandile.

I don't officially collect Oshawott but I do love it, and my friends sent me Oshawott goodies lol.  The crochet Oshawott on the left I made (meh. One of the first dolls I ever made lol he looks so wonky), his name is Urchin. The middle doll is Princess (I stuck a heart sticker on her yes) An Oshawott booklet that is really cute with ADORABLE Oshawott headphones. And an Oshawott figure. I should have taken a picture of his face it's so pouty

And my Mewtwos! The doll isn't really new, but the crochet Amigurumi is, I made him :3 His name is Riceball and I'm super proud of him and love him to death. I plan to make another one out of sparkly yarn at some point (possibly shiny Mewtwo colors) and I'm making a Joltik for myself right now too. Sure I'll show it off lol

Every time I post anything to do with my collections such a distinct lack of Totodile. I adore Totodile I love it as much as Mewtwo and Joltik :| This needs to be fixed. Arr.
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