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n collection update

So I haven't updated since September, and while my collection hasn't exactly grown exponentially, I thought I'd share some of my newer acquisitions with the community, as well as some updated group shots of everything.

Since I don't have a permanent place for this collection yet, I decided to organize my photos by the different sets of merchandise he's been featured in, to keep it in order for people who may be interested in collecting him. I'm also going to acknowledge the fine people of the community who helped make this collection possible. So let us begin!

Dot Sprite Collection

(From top left corner, recent additions marked with *new*)
Embroidered Handkerchief/Towel
Character Mug with Box
N Sprite Sheet Clearfile
Calendar *new*
Sprite Sticker Sheet
Phone Strap
Reshiram/Zekrom Sprite clearfile
Notepad Cube *new*
Badge *new* from  squeakaree

Items missing: None, I hope. If you know of a missing item, please let me know!

Sugimori Promotional Collection

(sorry for the glare, nearly everything in this picture is reflective)
Reshiram Mug
Reshiram File Folder *new*
Zekrom File Folder *new*
Zekrom Mug box - from  dewott
Zekrom Hardcover Notebook - from  shiome's pickups
Zekrom Art Print *new* - from  darkangellilith
Reshiram Hardcover Notebook - from  shiome's pickups
Reshiram Clearfile
Zekrom Clearfile

Missing from this picture: Reshiram Art Print, Zekrom Mug (I only have the box)

TCG Items Collection

Card Box
Team Plasma Deck Box with N on the back *new*
Card Sleeves

Missing from this picture: the actual cards themselves, which I have a few of but they're stored away. There may be other things I'm not aware of.

Promotional Materials Collection

Korean Black and White Brochure *new* - from  gleameyesluxray
Black and White Sticker sheet *new* - from  tofu256
Black 2 and White 2 Keyring
Black 2 and White 2 Clear File
Black 2 and White 2 Promo poster - from  denkimouse

Missing from this image: Oh, numerous things I'm sure. One I know of is the new B2W2 US promo booklet (which I'm getting soon), but I know there's more out there.

Pokemon Mate Collection

Ceramic Mug
Cloth Tote Bag
Rubber Strap *new*
Dress Sticker - from  shiome
Clear File
Cloth Strap
Clear Stickers - from  shiome
N and Touko metal swing charms
N and Touko can badges
Sakuma drops Tin - fro remove_replace
N and Touya Notebook set - from  shiome

Missing from this image: Nothing that has been released, as far as I know. I have the figure charm on preorder. 

Bonus! Custom Plush!

Adorable custom plush by  glacidea. I love him very much!

Here's a picture of my entire collection altogether, sans my stack of doujinshi:

Thank you for looking! And as always, feel free to ask any questions, or ask for better pictures of anything you're curious about.

If anyone has the Sugimori Zekrom mug for sale, in or out of box, please let me know!
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