eevee_love (eevee_love) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Finally got my new Eeveelutions and Charm display! :)

Okay so sorry to post again but I accidentally clicked delete instead of save when I went to edit my post. >_> It's what I get for trying to multitask I guess. T-T But I finally got my stuff from denkimouse and they are all so cute and lovable, I also got the Eeveelution Cookie tin ( I caved and had to get it). I also got a lot more things in the past week like 8 or 9 packages of stuff which by the end of next week will all be sorted out and I'll have a gets and collection post that has everything I own of pokemon. My first time was just the plush because my room was a horror zone, but now it is clean and everything is out! :) And I got a Charm Display now, Thanks to my mother her work was selling a body art display board that was perfect for my charms and that is under the cut. Again really sorry about the re-post, I feel really bad about it and a bit silly. >_<

Also here is my wants post a bit updated and more set in stone! Click Here

Tags: charms, eevee
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