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collection update & a tiny picture story =D

YAY! I have parcels! =3

YAY! I think you know what that means =P

I've had two parcels, one from heerosferret     and another from kiraras_lemon     =D Yay! All details are under the cut =3

oh and a small note to serasaturn , don't worry your Pikachu is still here with me as I'm currently waiting for the money from my paypal to deposit into my bank account for the postage ^^ I usually just use my own money but as I don't have enough spare monies (since it's more expensive postage than usual ;-;) and I'm SO sorry for the wait =( I think the transfer takes about a week though so hopefully your Pikachu will be on his way to you on Monday =) I'm so sorry about the wait, but I wanted to let you know in case you thought he was lost in the post =o Thanks for your patience and sorry again =(

Anyway, the collection update is under the post =D

Piplup: What's this? *poke poke*
*muffled squeaking in the bag*

Charmander: There's someone inside it =o =o
*louder squeaking*
Piplup: =o =o =o *poke poke*

Sheimi: *puff puff pant pant* Finally! I am free! Hello, will you take care of me? =3

Charmander: Is that it? Hmm.. I wonder if there's anything else in here.. Ahh I'm stuck..

Piplup: .. Heh.. I'll take care of you Sheimi, and Charmander too..
Sheimi: Is he ok in there?..

Charmander: *twitch* Guys.. Help.. I'm hungry now..

Poor Charmander, don't worry, he's ok now =3 He ate his way out of the bag =o

So here she is! My little Sheimi =D Awwwww!!! <3 Thank you so much Gin! I luffs her =3
And my little Skymin charm! <3 I'm going to put it on my bracelet =D

I also got another parcel yesterday =o

Yay! My Piplup collection =3 (Minus my big Piplup and my Piplup poster that is ^^)
The newest addition to the family is the tiny little mystery Piplup at the front which came from
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