Articuno (articuno144) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Lugia/Articuno Figure Collection Update ^v^

It's been.. a very long time since I said I was going to update my figure collection ^^; but finally here it is! In high res so you can see everything in detail too!


Please click for full size :>

There is only one duplicate in this entire collection, the standard colour Lugia phone charm. One lost its stringy, hanging thing after it detached itself while I was actually using it as a phone charm :< lol
There are one or two bootlegs in here too but I didn't mind those :> I'm not actively looking for figures anymore because I need to complete my plushie collection, but I have acquired quite a lot of new ones since my last update so had to post them! ^v^

My plushie collection hasn't changed since I last updated, still need three more.. four if you include the 2005 Shadow Lugia plush.

Thanks for reading :>

Tags: articuno, figures, lugia
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