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New additions

I received packages from kiraras_lemon, castform, kanackering & bureiru! I also received a package from eBay too....

YES. I finally managed to get hold of one of these. I know his tooth is coming off, nothing a little glue won't fix. I'll call him Idefix, cookies to anyone who knows where that name comes from XD

And another view.

Charmeleon sticker from castform, others from kiraras_lemon. Sticker was much bigger than expected, and that Charizard is currently my fave Chari. It's the Data Carrier figure - Now all I need is Blastoise too XD;

Breloom, Cacturne, Squirtle, Leafeon from castform. Larvitar from kanackering. Electabuzz from kiraras_lemon. Finally, everything else from bureiru. Missing from this is an Ash keychain. The Breloom Jakks is something I've actually wanted for a long time, Larvitar brings me closer to getting all the larvi cards, as does the rev. holo Shinx & rev. holo Leafeon (All variants, anyway).

And finally, more stuff from bureiru. I'm so glad to finally have that coin. And yay, for more Glaceon/Leafeon bits! XD She also included stickers and sweets - Thank you <333

So a HUGE thank you to all of you! I will gladly leave feedback for all of you, just let me know where you'd like it! :D

Anyway, I also got my final SMJ order today. Final seeing as how I lost out on an auction by 10 Yen - Because they were just that slow at updating my status from 'Seller paid' to 'Costumer Paid' -_-; I'll be jumping on the bandwagon and switching to Crescent. There will be pics later of it.
Tags: blastoise, breloom, cacturne, charizard, charmeleon, glaceon, larvitar, leafeon, mankey, poochyena, squirtle
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