Risha Moon (risha_moon) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Risha Moon

Neat Flea Market Gets

Went to the flea market today and found some neat cards. ^^ I bought a BK Mew figure and a random Mewtwo pencil topper (forgot to take pics of those) and was about to leave when the vendor pointed out she had cards. They were randomly packed cards in little baggies, but on top I saw a few cards that got my attention -

RH Legendary Cards
RH Legendary Collection cards! I've never had one of these before...and now I have four! So excited! I think the only other one she had was Exeggcute, but I don't collect that Pokemon. I really love the look of these. Can't wait to get more for my collection. I recently started collecting Base Set 2 and Legendary Collection cards.

Neat Cards
These are some of the other cards I got that I thought were neat. I already have the holo Here Comes Team Rocket! but I bought it anyway. I bought 10 of the random card packs so I got quite a few cards. Some trainers and energies but mostly Pokemon. Some were even 1st edition.

French Squirtle
And this was a random neat find! This was on top of one of the packs so I scooped it up. lol. It's a French Squirtle...and it's 1st edition! I haven't checked if I have this in my collection already...I'm pretty sure I don't, though. XD!

Just wanted to share these. I'm really excited about finding the Reverse Holo Legendary Collection cards. :D If anyone has any Legendary Collection cards for trade/sale, please let me know. ^^

~ Risha
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