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Group Auction Update, Collection Update & Sales Post Update

UPDATE on the Group Auctions on Squirtle lot & Bulbasaur lot which I won:
No one else bidded on the Bulbasaurs so that finished at $19.99, but the squirtles were being bid on and that finished at $26.49.
Shipping for both lots cost $30.50- so I have split the s/h cost between the 2 and here is how much each plush should cost (I have rounded up the pennies to the nearest 50c):
Bulbasaurs: $4.50 each + shipping from the UK (shipping est $4-$6)
Squirtles: $10.50 each + shipping from the UK (shipping est $4-$6)
I will make a new post once received with better pictures etc and will ask for payment then.

[info]jedi_amara reserved Squirtle & Bulbasaur Pokedolls, Ivysaur friend & Squirtle/Bulbasaur clippy plush.

shuriken_chan reserved Optimisticsaur (play by play), & Hasbro Bulbasaur & Bulba Treatkeeper. 
pkmn_mastareserved Ivysaur friend.
killerjaw01 reserved Wartortle

Also cool items I received this week- including a Raichu holy grail:

Espeon Kid received from sakura_18for a Pikachu trade, ANA plane & KFC Wartortle from jedi_amara, Chou Gett from Gacha machines (Dialgia & Palkia set & Chimchar set- 2 sets on the go!), and a Raichu holy grail from grrrowly- I have wanted an odd colour figure for ages and this one's clear! Now if anyone can direct me to the Raichu keychain plush & Raichu mega blok figure that would be great...
That Pikachu in the background is my first custom plush- he's near completion- he's a prototype- his name's Proto-Bob.
More pics of the plane & clear figure below (I gave up trying to stick the Pokeballs on the jet engines- why not print them on there like the rest of the images???):

And on Sunday I unexpectedly came across a wild Pokemon:

Its a Pichu! 
I found her at a carboot sale for only £2 which I thought was a great price 'cos:
She's in lovely condition.
She's not released in the UK.
She's 400mm/16" tall from ear to toes. (just over a foot, practically life-sized!)
Just 100% cute!

Her name's Zoe (what? that's not even related to Pichus or Electricity! But she looks like a Zoe I once knew... plus I'm unoriginal with names) :{

She also has a nice Hamtaro friend (I don't know anything about Hamtaro but they go well together). (I have moved the Sales to my journal so this now links to there)
I have various Chou Gett for sale (doubles from the sets I am collecting) and 2 more Play by Play plushes- plus the various figures still in stock- make an offer if you think it's too expensive!
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