Tay (taycs) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Hurrah! Today is my 17th birthday. ^^
I didn't get to open presents since my big gift this year was my rabbit, Picky, but I got $120 so far from relatives.
My mum took me to Newbury Comics also but since we went yesterday and bought all the stickers, there weren't any today. But I still have the ones from yesterday! And just as a treat, I'm gonna cut the normally $2 stickers down to $1, but for today only normal prices again~

glitter! $2.00 each
Prinplup is $0.50 due to slight damage
OUT OF STOCK: Chimchar/Glameow

mirror! $1.00 each!
OUT OF STOCK: Pachirisu, Ambipom

And again, I really hope you find some you like. The stickers are in numerical order, which is why there are some blanks in the pictures. Shipping, again, is $1.50 to anywhere for up to 5 stickers. I usually get more every Saturday, so this might be moved to my journal if people get tired of it being a regular thing.

And as a bonus gift, I got my Pachirisu Bank in the mail today from warandromance! Thank you, Jess! I'll be updating my collection and sales within the next 2 weeks, I promise.

Have an awesome day!
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