Omega Tsuki (o0vailo0o) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Omega Tsuki

Some Mimey wants~

With all the bazillions of things I've been buying lately, I'm noticing, I really haven't been paying enough attention to the collection that got me started.
So while I know I can never complete all of it... I've decided I want to get the plush side finished, at least!

So, first, here's what I've got:

And here are the four I know I'm missing:

The mascot keychain, finger puppet, Christmas Pokedoll (grail!), and the mini version of the knit plush (lowest priority).

If you have any of those (or any other plush you can convince me I'm missing!), and feel like selling them, please let me know~

I won't reject any reasonable prices, so throw any numbers you'd like at me. However, depending on said prices, I can probably only afford one or two at the moment.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help out!

And mod help in removing the "auctions" tag now would be appreciated as well
Tags: auction, mime jr., wanted
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