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Sales Post!

This is my first sales post in awhile. I've decided to drastically collect less of certain pokemon I'd considered collecting (Celebi, really), to make way for more Skymin in my life collection.


Details are below the cut! :)

All items are in GREAT condition unless otherwise stated. You can make offers on anything, but I probably won't accept too much more than I'm asking for.

I only accept Paypal payments, and all items within the US (not Canada), will be shipped within 1 week; international orders may take up to 1.5 weeks to be mailed, but usually all items go out before this.

I will only hold items for 24 hours. I may refuse to sell to anyone, but usually only for poor past experience in transactions with me or rudeness.

My shipping rates start at $2 and go up from there; this base cost helps me pay for not only the cost of postage, but bubble envelopes, paypal fees, etc. ^_^


Celebi Bandana - Wearable size! GREAT condition: $15


Kids Figures, Kids Book - Kids Book: $10/OBO, Custom Shiny Espeon: $5, Custom Shiny Umbreon: $3, Kingdra: $1.50, Manaphy: $1.50, Cresselia - $6, Moltres - $4, Dragonite - $6


UFO Catchers/Finger Puppet - Lucario 10th Anniversary Finger Puppet - $4, Azelf UFO Catcher (new with tags) - $12, Charizard UFO Catcher (new with tags) - $25/OBO


Celebi Stuff - Talking/Moving Celebi Plush: $30/OBO, Celebi 10th Anniversary Finger Puppet - $4, Celebi 10th Anniversary Figure - $4, Celebi Mini Container - $5


Clear Folders - Dragons: $5 (see other photo for backside), Pikachu and Friends: $3 (plain backside)


Pencil Board - Pencil Board is on the left - $5, (other image is backside of Dragons folder!)

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