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Vulpix collection update!

Just recently got some very nice/rare additions to my collection, so I figured an update was in order!  :D

Back row: Old bank, Applause plush (dorkiest-looking thing I've ever seen. XD), KFC plush, Banpresto plush, large Tomy figure
Bottom row: Rubber figure from a set that included all 151 originals, fancy fancy keychain, dome figure, clear kid, normal kid, clip, keshipoke (?), adorable tiny Vulpix. Thank you thank you happyjolteon for the latest Vulpixes :3

And now a bit of a story! Two or three years ago, I stumbled upon a Vulpix shirt on Pokemon Center's website. I was amazed. I placed an order for it and some Pokedolls, but the next morning they told me the shirt wasn't available in that size. Instead of letting me pick a different size they went ahead and shipped the other things :| I kept checking back to see if the size I wanted was available.. and then I found out they'd closed. DEVASTATION.

So I was more than overjoyed when I saw this show up on eBay a few weeks ago..

Eeee <3333 I was afraid it would be way too small since it was in junior sizes, but.. incredibly, it fits! For the most part! XD Unfortunately it's burningly hot around here right now, so I won't get to wear this in public for a few months. I definitely will, though. Display my inner Vulpix obsessor fan to the world~

And a couple things for sale! No set prices, make an offer~

Raticate, Charmeleon, Omanyte, and Dratini are clear. Slowbro plays a tune when you touch the metal bits on his feet. Clefairy keychain opens up, it originally held candy or something. And that's Seel behind Hypno's dumb ear xD

And finally, I've got a Rayquaza Pokedoll I'd consider selling. Tag isn't attached (but I've got it somewhere) and I cut the string that originally kept Rayquaza in a curled-up pose. He's otherwise in great shape! No picture now, but if there's any interest I'll find him and take some x3

AND FINALLY, I'm always open for art commissions~ See my work at if you're interested :3 Thanks so much for reading!

.. I need some icons already, my posts look so boring next to everyone else's x_<
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