"Kaela" (pokabubu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Bragging, Eevees and a confession...

Hi Community!
I am here to brag about more sleepy plushies. This lovely custom was made b glacidea.


I don't know what my obsession with sleeping pokemon is but I just love um' (that sounded kind of creepy). So if you have anything else to add to by strange little side collection, please let me know!
I realize that there is a lot of 6th gen hyp... but I just have to say that I am going to collect the bejeeeebers out of Fennekin. Just sayin... : /
Oh and a note to those of you that were like me and decided to wait on your Tomy Eeveelutions, stores will definitely be restocking them. Not sure if Pokemon Center will be re-stocking them. But they are definitely available for order to suppliers. They are releasing limited quantities of Vaporeon to these suppliers so I suggest you grab your Vappies first. Not sure why they do that... but that's how it is.
I love Swoobat! I just can't help it... he is just so incredibly derpy and awesome at the same time! You know that one pokemon that you catch in the game, and you then you bond with and  unexpectedly fall in love with? Swoobat is that pokemon in black and white. Can anybody show me some cool Swoobat Merchandise? (or maybe possibly sell me some Swoobats?)
(Lesson learned - you guys got me good. )

Thanks for wasting your time reading my boring post! Here, I give you a Poffin. <3
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