torotix (torotix) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Wants! + Sales Sneeky Peeky

Heya! So I'm back for this year, still seeking these items~

Top Priority
* Archen kid figure
* Archen ACEN badge

* Hydreigon charm (preferably seperate from the deino/zwel charms)
* YOTD clear file
* Charizard pokemon time candy tin

And I need your input!
I'm just about ready to print some stuff to sell soon, but I'm a little bit overwhelmed by the options of how I'm going to set my stickers and magnets out. So I have a question, if anyone could put in there two cents or preference, I'd be really grateful :D

- Do you prefer pokemon stickers/magnets that are confined to a certain shape (eg. circle, square), or do you prefer the kind that are just in the shape of the pokemon with no kind of background?

Here are just a few of the images I will be transferring into stickers and magnets over the next week:

Thanks for reading!
Tags: archen, charizard, hydreigon
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