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Wants post!

Hey everyone~! :D I have a wants post for you guys today. I don't talk much about my main collection, but I'm very proud to say that my Shinx and Luxio collection is almost complete(to me, anyway. I have a majority of their merch) there are just a few more things I need before I can consider my lions completed! Hopefully you guys will be able to help me out! Images are under the cut! (and are from Sunyshore. I hope that's okay!)

These aren't in any particular order!


Shinx clear kid! I already have Luxio on the way~

Shinx Keshipoke~ I'm aware of the one on Pokevault. I'm really not looking to spend $25 + shipping on such a tiny figure.

Shinx and Luxio paper standees~

Luxio coin. I already have Shinx.

I actually don't have any Shinx battrio. These aren't too high on my priority list because I can't use them for anything, but if you have some cheap ones, I may be interested.

Looking for all the colors except for bronze!

Looking for the blue Kolink bandaid. I have the yellow one already.

Looking for all of these except for the yellow "Odaiji ni" stamp. I need the other one. (The one on the left is the one I need. If you can't tell them apart, just show me a picture and I'll be able to tell you. XD)

Need all of the Shinx and Luxio stamps(My last Luxio retsuden got lost in the mail...the only thing that's ever been lost on the way to me ;_; haven't seen one since.)

And that's the list! I also might be interested in things that aren't here. but if the item is common, there is a 99% chance that I already have it. I'm not really interested in flats. Unless you have pan stickers!

I'm also missing a LOT of the stationary stuff.

I actually don't really have any cards either. I would prefer to buy multiple cards from one seller if possible. But I'll still look if your card is really cheap. >_>

Feel free to show me your stuff. Just also keep in mind that I collect Shinx and Luxio, but not Luxray. :D

EDIT: forgot to mention that I'm also looking for two bootlegs, actually. The new bootleg mystery dungeon Shinx plush and the mini-pokedoll keychain
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