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Snowy photos and such!

Hello Pokemon collectors!

The long awaited snow finally fell where I live and the area looks very bright and beautiful, so I took advantage of it with some Pokemon photography. ;u;

preview snowy pics

First off is one of my favourites from the Pokemon photoshoot:

Glaceon plush snow landscape

Glaceon plush snow

I took this one from a couple of different angles because I liked them both, but the first is my preference. I was also sceptical about putting Pokedolls on the snow. >_>

Suicune plush snow

Glaceon snow

Glaceon lake

(This one was taken at a different time and near a lake, but I thought it would fit in with the others.)

Umbreon branch snow

Umbreon snow greenery

Couldn't resist including Umbreon in the photos, but he wasn't the only one who didn't want to miss anything...

Friski snow

My rabbit loves attention and trying to get in the way when I'm taking photos. I love him!

Thanks for looking at these snowy snapshots! ;3;

Also I wanted to share with you one of my figure repaints, I chose Latias because she's one of my favourites and has a lovely 'shiny' colour. I'm all for customisation, which is probably why I make so much of my collection myself/like to commission others, personalisation means a lot to me. Pictures under the cut!

I got her a long time ago and she had a few bits of paint missing when I found her again, so I decided to do a repaint as a shiny version instead of just a touch-up. Here are the results!


Latias side

Latias back

Thanks for looking!

Lastly, I'm happy to say I purchased the Japanese Gengar and Latias Pokedolls I was looking for on my previous (and first) wants post from a couple of sellers on here, thank you! They will get a very loving home. I have a lot of Umbreon merch on its way to me too, await get pictures for all of these...
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