haybuddyy (haybuddyy) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Magikarp + more plush wants. D: + sales plug.

Hello everyone.

I've been really fond of Magikarp latey, and I'm wondering if anyone has the Pokedoll plush they're willing to sell for a reasonable price.. or maybe you have a custom made Magikarp plush you want to part with? xD I've been staring at my Magikarp BK plush for a while and he's just so.. derpcute. XD And I want more Magikarps!

I'm also looking for Skitty plushes! I recently found a lot on eBay with a small Skitty plush I've never seen and I know there's more out there that exist that I don't have. XD I already have the Pokedoll, the 'laying' Tomy? Skitty, and the UFO one (the one that looks like a Pokedoll, but her mouth is open).

Also seeking Lapras plushes. I'm not too fond of the Pokedoll, so I'll be looking for others. I believe there's a Banpresto and Tomy? Arghh.

So yes! Magikarp, Skitty, and Lapras plush. Any kind. :D

Anddd here is my small sales plug. >_<
Everything MUST go, so I'm willing to haggle. These poor Pokemon are just all in a big bag with no love. ;_;

Thanks guys. <3
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