republicdc1 (republicdc1) wrote in pkmncollectors,

on the lookout for my small grail!

Hey everyone! I'm on the lookout for one of my small grails.

I've made this item a small grail because me and my boyfriend are taking a trip to Italy and I hope to be able to take these cute little plush keychains along with us. We're leaving in summer (beginning of July) so I have lots of time to look for one! I think these are pretty rare, considering they went for close to $40 or so when they were in stores. I'm hoping to find one a little cheaper. I saw a pair like these go for $22 on the comm here and I JUST missed it by 2 comments! Arg!! Well that aside, I've been waiting and hoping for another to pop up around here for a while now. Hopefully one will appear soon! 

Thanks for looking!
Tags: wanted
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