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Animal Crossing Shinx, A New Challenger, and Luvdiscs!

Hey everybody! Long time no see! (Don't worry, I've been lurking ^ ^)

What I have for you is an auction of a special Shinx that didn't quite make in on DA :(
However I'm hoping to find him a nice home, as I'm totally running out of room here in my tiny dorm...

-Shinx has floppy legs so he can sit down! He's also got a furry tail poof on the end :3
-He stands at about 7" tall, 8" with his hair tuft on his head.
-And yes! He's in Animal Crossing style! With a cool "S" shirt... could it mean Shinx? or Samuel? or...Sinister? (actually it's supposed to be for Shinx ^ ^)
- Shinx starts at $25 with ladder options:
-If it reache 40 will make 1 accessory
-If it reache 50 will make 2 accessories
-If it reache 75 will make 4 accessories!

Possible accessories (suggestions!):
Fishing rod, shovel, slingshot, fish, bug net, sack of bells (currency in Animal Crossing), Pokeball, Rare Candy.
Talk to me about other possibilities!

Terms of Service:
-Sales permission granted by allinia on 8.8.12
-I ship from Monterey CA
-I take PayPal 99% of the time, but if you absolutely have to I can take concealed cash. I wont send your plush until I receive it!
-If buying goods from me with PayPal, please select "goods". If you're buying a plush from me, please select "services". This is important!!
-Prices do NOT include shipping. Shipping starts at 3.50 within US and 5.00 international.
-I will accept trades only for Croagunk merchandise, IF I am accepting trades! Please ask first!
-I am not responsible for packages once they leave my hands. I will not be responsible at ALL, meaning no refunds or substitutes given if an -item is lost in the mail after I've sent it
-I don't have any designated days for shipping, but I should get it shipped within the week of completion.
-Please allow up to a month for me to create your custom plush please! It'll probably get done before that but you can't rush art! Remember that and be patient!
-I don't deal with banned members!

If you're interested in something else, I have some good news for you! One of my new year's resolutions are to make a plush every week for the year of 2013. Of course you can benefit from this ^ ^

What is the Weekly Plush Challenge, you say? I'm going to make a plush every week this year. (edited, it was rather confusing, i agree)

Every week starting January 1st to December 31st, I will be making one plush a week! Now, the way it works is this:
  • During one week I will begin to make the weekly plush.
  • Upon completion, I'll make it available for purchase via an auction lasting one week IF IT HASN'T BEEN COMMISSIONED!
  • If the plush I made wasn't a commission, it'll be up for grabs in an auction the next week!
You may place a reserve order for a plush you are going to commission, and your commissioned plush will become the weekly plush (with no auction following). This option requires a down payment to reserve your week. Down payments for this option are $15 and go towards your plush payment.
What will I make?
-6" Pokedolls
-12" DX Pokedolls
-Pillow Pets (rarely)
-Fleece plush
-Basically I won't make anything that's crazy huge (like, i wont be making a life-size Cascoon again, for example!) >.>
-Just ask!
Other Rules to Keep in Mind:
  • Please ask for a quote beforehand like usual!
  • If claiming a week for your commission or claim please give me at least a week in advance in order for me to obtain the necessary materials! No last-minute stuff!
  • Yes, normal commissions will be on still! They will just take longer than one week and won't be featured as extensively as my weekly plush!
  • This won't be as fun/successful unless I have a LOT of people participating!! Please try and spread the word! I'd hate to have the idea die in the middle of the year ^ ^" I will think about incentives for you if you participate a number of times and/or spread the word!


Finally, I will be making some special cheap Luvdisc plush for Valentines Day!

It's almost Valentines day, why not get a special plush for your loved one?
And whats more lovely a gift than... a Valentines Luvdisc!?
So I will be having a special promo price for all Luvdiscs, to be created by Feb 7th and sent to you so you can give it to your loved one(s)!
The 6" and 12" Luvdisc will have a free special hangtag shaped like a heart with "Valentines Day 2013" on it.
Super mini size (3") = $5
6" size= $10
12" size= $20
Shipping within the USA is 3.50
Only 3 slots are available, so please get em in quick ^ ^" One person may claim a slot for up to 2 Luvdisc. mix and match sizes if you like!
You must place these orders by Feb 1 to guarantee your Luvdisc by Feb 7... if not, then it may jeopardize things for you :I Don't do things last minute!

Sorry there's so much going on @__@
Hopefully you'll all be caught up!

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