ShiningMew (shiningmew) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Shiny Kids, Bell keychains, Bell plush auctions

Hello everyone! It's been awhile since I posted sales here! I have a couple of items I'd like to auction off :)

PLEASE read the auction rules! It is extremely important that you read them. Since I have moved and started a job, I can no longer ship as quickly as I used to!

  • Granted sales permission for Pokemon Collectors by denkimouse January 12th 2010. Feedback is located here.

  • I reserve the right to not sell to you for any reason I deem valid

  • I will only accept trades for items on my Wants List. I do not accept haggling. I will not hold items. I don't collect flats or customs.

  • Items are pictured and sold as is. These are used toys from Japan! It is your responsibility to ask for further details on conditions.

  • Paypal only; DO NOT SEND AS A GIFT. Prices do not include fees or shipping costs

  • I live in a non-smoking apt.

  • I am located in the USA. International friends are welcome!

  • I am not responsible for items lost in the mail, and can not refund lost packages, sorry. If you want insurance, Delivery Confirmation, a box or anything else, please ask! Default shipping is 1st Class in a bubble mailer.

  • As of 8/3/2011, any orders over $40 will have mandatory Delivery Confirmation ($0.85) if in the US added to the shipping cost.

  • My typical shipping days are on weekends. I can no longer guarantee things get shipped within 1-3 days anymore or shipping on weekdays. I'm sorry about that, I wish I could go more often, but that's just the reality of having a job!

  • For International purchases, I am not responsible for your country's customs fees! I also won;t lie on the customs forms/mark as gift.

- No eChecks/cash/check/money orders.

- Auctions end Thursday Jan 17 10:00pm CST

1st and 2nd Gen bell keychains

Venusaur Bell plush - a little loved

Flygon and Bulbasaur Shiny Kids

Sceptile and Swampert Shiny Kids

Seviper and Cacnea Shiny Kids

Plusle and Minun Shiny Kids

Tags: bell plush, bulbasaur, cacnea, eevee, flygon, mew, mewtwo, minun, plusle, sceptile, seviper, swampert, venusaur
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