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Ippai and MPC update!

Hello all! I come to you with a fantastic little (well actually HUGE) update. First things first: I received the MPC 130 GA today. Second thing: I received the 7 sets of Eevee Ippai Figures today as well.

Know what that means? Payment three will be up in the next few days! :D For a taster, here is my photostory of this massive event in my little 800 sq foot apartment. ; u;
I'll get everything calculated as fast as I can, I swear! <3

Meet Sparkky, my Flareon plush. He will be guiding you through these two massive piles of awesome. :) He was made by my friend ballerbandgeek. He is the size of a canvas plush, for a reference of size to all these plush and figures. It literally takes up all of my dining room floor and leaks into my living room area. XD

I also have some news regarding the shipping costs. This is nothing I can control, but should let you all know. CanadaPost has changed it's prices (suprise!), and has also ELIMINATED Surface Mail to the USA. So you will all be having Air Mail. While it is much faster, it's more expensive. Before, Ground cost around $6 and would arrive from me to you in a little under two weeks (provided no holidays), and Air Mail was around $7.50 and would arrive within a weekish. Now there is only air, and still costs around $7.50. This is for anything that doesn't fit as an oversized bubble mailer! Which is a shame, because I know a few of you ordered single Ippai Figures... :( I wish I could make shipping cheaper. Darned CanadaPost. D:

CanadaPost is also going to be implementing a "Track and Pack" thing soon. From what I understand, it will be for small packets, like what we are usually getting on here. It's for Canada to USA only, and you will be able to add tracking onto your package. It is not in effect yet, but when it is, I'll be sure to offer it. I doubt it will be much more than regular air mail shipping. <3

That's all for now~

So keep an eye out all for the payment three post for the Eevee Ippai Figures GB and the 130MPC GA. If you participated in both, I will combine your orders unless you specify, as it will save you shipping. :)
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