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Mascots Waitlist, and Shipping Costs update

Okay so I wanted to do a collection post and make this the sidenote at the bottom instead, but I'm realizing if I keep waiting for everything to show up, it'll never happen in time.
So, here we go.

Since Movic suddenly restocked a few days ago, and Animate's not turning up any errors when I stack a cart full of them, let's try to fulfill Boxes 9 and 10, as well as the waitlist~

To keep things organized, claims will still be made on the original reservations page.
( It's all behind the fake cut~ )

We've seen the new shipping changes with the prices in the US and the process in the UK, but I don't believe we've had a post go in-depth about Canada yet!

Since I needed to go through the price charts to update my own shipping page, I thought it might be worthwhile to share some of the information I've ended up with.

All prices increased on January 14th, but taking effect on February 11th, there will be two more changes as well:
- Small Packet Surface to the US being eliminated, and
- "Tracked Packet" becoming available for US and some International destinations.

That's right! The leaflets lied and Surface to the US apparently does still exist!
And somehow, it looks like it's the same price as it used to be:
- Up to 250g, $5.97
- Up to 500g, $8.52
- Up to 1 kg, $12.66
Let's take advantage of this while it's still possible!

Once it's gone, these are the new Air prices we'll be stuck using:
- Up to 250g, $7.80
- Up to 500g, $10.35
- Up to 1 kg, $15.56

Now, this "Tracked Packet" sounds interesting, right?
D: Unfortunately, they have revealed the prices, and while there is some savings, they're not that much cheaper than tracking already was.

There's a standard rate across the US, so let's look at that first:
- Up to 250g, $15.30
- Up to 500g, $15.94
- Up to 1 kg, $18.48

In comparison, Expedited now ranges from $17.40 to $18.85 for up to 500g.

International rates are, as always, all over the place.
Small Packet Air and Surface costs for all ten rate zones can be found here.
One nice thing to note is the maximum weight's now changed to 2 kg-- while the fees are still pretty heavy, there's less chance of large orders being charged as regular parcel!

Now, it's the International buyers who we want to be able to offer cheaper tracking to, right?
Well, it's still "slightly cheaper" like have for the US, but there's heavier restrictions than I would've thought.
Tracked Packet is only available to 20 other countries:
Australia, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and United Kingdom.
(This does apparently include some islands they govern, though, like Ascension, so it's just a tiny bit less limiting than it looks like)

Their rate zones and prices can be seen here, but for everyone outside of those countries the cheapest tracking is still Xpresspost, which now ranges from $48 to $74.25 for up to 500g.

As far as Domestic rates... D: I tend to avoid this when possible, so I haven't compiled a list at all yet. But the shipping calculator appears to be up to date~

It's pretty much all terrible and depressing news, but, hopefully it can be of some help for fellow Canadian sellers figuring out what to charge, and any buyers who weren't sure what to expect of our new rates.

This time I really have no idea how to tag this.
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