mriwanaga (mriwanaga) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pokepark collection post + some small questions

So I was digging through my old pokemon stuff recently since I wanted to see if anything I had was pokedoll related because I just started collecting pokedolls and I found a lot of stuff from my trip to Pokepark, Japan in 2005 so I thought I would share some pictures of the stuff I found in my closet.

2013-01-09 21.42.19
front side of the edy card we used to add credits in order to pay for things

2013-01-09 21.42.35
back side of it

2013-01-09 21.42.54
pokepark commemorative coin which i never took out of the case

2013-01-09 21.43.08
back side of coin

2013-01-09 21.43.58
banpresto jirachi hand puppet w/ tag

2013-01-09 21.44.17
banpresto mew hand puppet w/ tag

2013-01-09 21.44.34
a cup that I drank soda from

2013-01-09 21.44.45
other side of cup

2013-01-09 21.44.58
the sticker is somehow still on the bottom undisturbed!

2013-01-09 21.46.19
pokepark nintendo ds skins. idk why i have so many. 

2013-01-09 21.47.21
some card. front side and back side. i'm not sure what this was for 

2013-01-09 21.48.19
pokepark pokemon cards

2013-01-09 21.49.27
a bunch of stickers that we got

2013-01-09 21.49.42
2013-01-09 21.50.00
2013-01-09 21.50.17

2013-01-09 21.50.55
i took a bunch of maps. muahahahhaa

2013-01-09 21.52.32
map of pokepark

2013-01-09 21.52.53
back side of map with a bunch of stuff I couldn't read

2013-01-09 21.53.41
stamp card? I have no idea

2013-01-09 21.53.54
Front of stamp card

2013-01-09 21.54.27
tattoos that you put water on and stick to yourself I think (images are reversed so it make sense)

2013-01-09 21.54.54
this is the thing I need help identifying if any japanese readers can help me out. I dont want to take it out of it's packaging

2013-01-09 21.55.05
Here is the writing on the back

Also, one more question: What is the general consensus of cutting hang tags off pokedolls and safekeeping them? Does it devalue them or is it fine to do so?
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